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200,000 tonnes of potato peelings can be transformed into up to 40 gigawatt hour electricity per year, enough for 10,000 households.

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Thenergo is a pioneer in the biomass clean energy sector.

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Thenergo is a fast growing, fully integrated and independent developer and operator of sustainable energy projects using biogas, natural gas, bio-oil, woody biomass and secondary fuels.

Thenergo creates value for its partners and shareholders as a one-stop provider of sustainable energy solutions, transforming clean and renewable fuels into electricity and heat.

As an integrated provider of competitive and proven renewable energy solutions, we apply our in-depth engineering and energy management capabilities, from initial concept design through to the final selling of electricity.

On 31 August 2009 Thenergo presented its half year 2009 financials.

Half year 2009 financials